The story of a straight line…

Both Science and Spirituality are about seeking the Truth. I am a student, a seeker in both fields. In some ways I think that they are one and the same but that is a topic for discussion for another day.
What I wish to talk about today is what I think is the most important prerequisite for both these fields of endeavour. It is the capacity to ask questions. It is about the capacity to not take anything for granted. It is the capacity to go beyond dogma and belief and challenge ones own perceptions and look for answers.

Knowledge and Wisdom are not merely obtained by obtaining an answer to a particular question. They are secured by the process of seeking, of asking questions. The process is such that the answers fall in our lap. Let me elucidate with an example. Something I wish you to work on, reflect on and grapple with at an individual level. If I said that there is nothing like a ‘true straight line’ you might think that this person has gone nuts. ‘Even a 6 year old knows what a straight line is’. A straight line is a concept that we are taught very early in life and we take it for granted. We don’t question it. It is actually a hypothetical construct and let me explain how. The universe is made up of spheres and circles. Any line between 2 points is a line between 2 points of a sphere or circle and this by definition can’t be straight. A straight line is a concept for our convenience.

Both in science and spirituality we do have to work with concepts as they are useful for learning. They play a useful role in our journey. However, it is important that we understand them as concepts and not as absolute truths. The bottom line is that a straight line may not be straight after all…


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