If you have secured happiness, you don’t need to read any further…

Of all human endeavors, the least success humans have achieved is in the pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is unfortunately not a ‘ready to eat’ dish. One has to secure the raw materials and all the ingredients and then to cook it. What makes this process even more tricky is that while there are myriads of recipes out there, very few are genuine and even among these maybe none will work for you perfectly.The recipes are good as guidance but in reality, you have to work out your own recipe…

Happiness is cooked in receptacles called ‘relationships’ and your emotions provide the ‘energy’ for the cooking. Beware of uncontrolled heat that will burn the dish!

The most important relationship that we all have is with our own self. As such, the best receptacle to prepare the dish of happiness is our own self. Life provides us with a lot of raw materials for our dish of HAPPINESS and depending upon our taste and the type of recipe we like, we use special spices or particular ways of cooking…

This brings me to a book called ENCOURAGEMENT by Dr. Hank Seitz.

Dr. Hank Seitz is a celebrated expert in the area of personal improvement and mental development.People just love him because he loves people and helps people love themselves.This quality is enough, in and of itself to make people feel significant and uniquely gifted to achieve any goal. At an organisational level Dr.Seitz works with teams to measurably increase their business results. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, and PhD in Mental Science. He was a General Manager with Procter & Gamble for 15 years, in charge of running a billion dollar corporation, and for the past 15 years he has used his time proven process with hundreds of Corporations and thousands of business teams.

Dr. Seitz highlights that our most important relationship is with ourself. He focusses on the importance of self belief and the power of positive thoughts.

If you are contemplating ‘cooking’ some happiness for yourself, do cast your eyes on the book. Look at the recipe and use the ingredients and the spices in there to get the most appropriate recipe to suit your taste.

I have pasted some links below for your perusal.

Whatever recipe and ingredients you choose to cook your happiness, do come and share with me and others.

Take care and keep smiling.
Prof. Minesh Khashu
Website: www.FeelRich.US


​​facebook.com/DrHank Seitz
Twitter:    Twitter @DrHankSeitz  
YouTube.com Channel – DrHankSeitz           

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