Of relationships and the red moon…

If life’s experiences are our reality, our relationships are our ‘senses’ for that reality. They are the currency of our emotional world.

We can learn a lot about our relationships from the relationship of the earth with the moon.

1. To the uninitiated the earth’s relationship with the moon may be one where ‘earth’ is the primary player and the moon revolves around it. We consciously or subconsciously make a similar mistake in our relationships. The moon is ‘part’ of the earth and has arisen from it. Each plays a unique role in the relationship.There is no room for hierarchies.

2. If we try to make others revolve to our whims and fancies, we need to appreciate that even though there may be ‘moons’ around to oblige us here and there, we could get a taste of our own medicine and be made to revolve around the ‘sun’. Revolving around someone you are attracted to is not negative but this should not be done in a superiority-inferiority complex. It should add to your being and not subtract from it. In a relationship both revolve around each other.

3. The rotations and revolutions of the earth and moon are essential and drive the system. Our Karma should do the same.

4. Like the phases of the moon and the waxing and waning sizes and changing shapes, people with whom we have a relationship will appear ‘different’ at times.This confuses us and puts strain on relationships. We need to be vigilant of this and show faith and patience.

5. The best red moon is a feature of Rayleigh scattering ( the same phenomenon that makes the sky appear blue). It is best seen when the moon is near the horizon ( it is actually farther from us than nearer). The moon appears red as the red part of light has a longer wavelength and is not deflected as much as the blue end of the spectrum by the atmospheric particles as light travels to us from the moon. As most of the blue end of the light spectrum gets scattered what reaches our eyes is mainly the red end of the spectrum.

There are three major lessons from this:

a) The moon does not change. What changes is either our perespective or angle from where we are viewing the moon (or the person with whom we have a relationship) or the medium between the moon and the earth. This medium is the atmosphere ( its depth, angle, particle content etc) in terms of the earth and the moon and in terms of our relationship is the atmosphere we create in our relationship. A good atmosphere with very good communication is critical if we want our relationships to flourish. What we say passes directly to the other person and does not get deflected or distorted.

b) In our relationships whenever we perceive that the other person has changed rather than pointing the finger at them it might be best to review whether your angle of vision or the atmosphere has changed and take remedial action.

c) Variety is the spice of life. Rather than worrying about the changes in the shape, size or color of the moon we should learn to enjoy it. The blue serene moon, the marble white moon , the red moon and so on all have their own great beauty and can give us great joy. Similarly our loved ones will demonstrate varying moods and preferences. Let us learn to enjoy these. Don’t fear them. Have faith that ‘it’ is still the same moon who is as much pulled to you as you are to it.


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