Solitude, Silence and Soul food

Solitude, Silence and Soul food

Someone once asked me what I considered to be essential ‘ingredients’ for spiritual progress.
He was suprised by my answer.
I said, ” The only essential ingredient is you!”

We are all complete and capable of achieving realisation. As such the only essential ingredient on this journey is us.

Whether we have a ‘hunger’ for spiritual progress or not, whether we work hard at it or not, whether our values and aspirations are noble or not, one day…one fine day realisation will dawn.

You might ask “What then is the fuss about ? Why this rush, this rat race?”

I would say the rush is largely our EGO driving us. If you look back at the Eastern Bhakti or Sufi movement, there were ‘spiritual giants’ who had utmost yearning and love for GOD, for union with our creative force, for realisation. They, however, were not in a rush. They enjoyed the yearning and just exuded love….

Our job is to be on this journey.The ‘end’ is not for us to decide. As such our only aim should be to enjoy the journey.

To enjoy the spiritual journey I would suggest a ‘triple twist’ of Solitude, Silence and Soulfood.

This is largely what one should call ‘my time’. A few minutes once or twice a day for oneself. This helps in reflection, in charging one’s batteries and in assessing what has gone by during the day and focussing on what is to come. You will be surprised how just a few minutes of solitude can work wonders for you.

Silence is very powerful.
Speech is designed to communicate with the outside world, silence is to communicate with yourself. Use it.
The most profound communications are written on a blank piece of paper called ‘silence’. Get in the habit of using this gift.

Solitude and silence will provide you with food for thought. Use these ingredients to prepare food for your soul. Make sure that your soul gets some everyday. Nurture it with the light of knowledge, the water of compassion and fertilise it with joy. Don’t forget to share this soul food. Soul food comes on a miracle plate. It will never finish as long as you keep on sharing it.

Keep smiling and stay blessed.


One thought on “Solitude, Silence and Soul food

  1. Fantastic post! Each one of us has to find our own path, and I happen to be obsessed with finding truth!! I agree, I do find that I’m not so much in a rush anymore since my inner presence has taught me a lesson about ego. For me, having an ego has been a disastrous weakness – I was finally taught to let that human emotion go. I think most of the problems in this world are caused by hurt emotions of someone thinking someone else disrespected them in some way. We’re taught we have to be on top all the time; be the big boss – especially in the USA. In the grand spectrum of life, what does it matter? It doesn’t! I don’t have to prove anything to anybody – life isn’t a competition like we’re brainwashed to think; it’s all about our inner peace. Slow and steady wins the race and the only person we’re racing against is ourselves; I’m just thankful for this amazing ride! I completely agree – we should just be silent and listen. There’s this old book about ancient times in the Sahara Desert that I’d like to share an excerpt out of: “These people remembered their Source and knew themselves as children of source hence, were the possessors and operators of power and wisdom that to you may seem miraculous and superhuman. Their abilities were the result of the application of laws to which mankind’s present consciousness is unaccustomed, and seem strange and unusual. The outer was but the instrument of the Divine Self, as it should be, and was only permitted to do that which it was created. Naturally, the Great Inner Self could act unfettered, and of course the perfection and activity of that period was one of magnificent accomplishment.” The book was written in 1939.

    Lots of Love and Light on your journey Minesh!

    – Brenhda

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