Are you ready to get naked?

 Are you ready to take off your clothes? If not , what are you doing here?

 Entry to the path of ‘seeking: looking for answers’ should highlight a caution, a caution that at some stage you will have to get naked.You will have to give up the clothes you wear to see yourself as ‘who you are’. But that is not all.You will have to let the world see you ‘naked’ as well. 

 We put on lots of ‘clothes’ to hide who we are and in time we may even forget who we are. These ‘clothes’ come in all shapes and forms. They are really superfluous and infact distracting but we choose to wear them. Maybe they make us feel safe or important. They hide our fears and massage our egoes.

 The clothes I am talking about are the wordly titles and the numerous prefixes and suffixes people have attached to their name. I am talking about the ‘degrees’ that not only adorn our shelves but layer our psyche and inflate our EGO. These ‘clothes’ have to come off one day. It does not matter whether you bought them at a designer shop or on a roadside sale or even if someone gifted them to you. Don’t put them on. If you do, take them off at the first opportunity.

 So, what are you waiting for?

 Are you ready to get naked?



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