Are you ready to get naked?

 Are you ready to take off your clothes? If not , what are you doing here?

 Entry to the path of ‘seeking: looking for answers’ should highlight a caution, a caution that at some stage you will have to get naked.You will have to give up the clothes you wear to see yourself as ‘who you are’. But that is not all.You will have to let the world see you ‘naked’ as well. 

 We put on lots of ‘clothes’ to hide who we are and in time we may even forget who we are. These ‘clothes’ come in all shapes and forms. They are really superfluous and infact distracting but we choose to wear them. Maybe they make us feel safe or important. They hide our fears and massage our egoes.

 The clothes I am talking about are the wordly titles and the numerous prefixes and suffixes people have attached to their name. I am talking about the ‘degrees’ that not only adorn our shelves but layer our psyche and inflate our EGO. These ‘clothes’ have to come off one day. It does not matter whether you bought them at a designer shop or on a roadside sale or even if someone gifted them to you. Don’t put them on. If you do, take them off at the first opportunity.

 So, what are you waiting for?

 Are you ready to get naked?




Trees are spiritual giants. They live and die as an ideal spiritualist would wish to do.

For those of you looking for Gurus, stop looking!

Find the time to regularly lie in the lap of nature and feed on soul food from her bosom. Request a tree to be your Guru and then go and visit it regularly. Look at how it lives it’s life and how you live yours. Share with it how your day went and find out how it spent it’s day.

You will be amazed at the learning and transformation.



For the skeptics among you: God bless.


We experience the world through our senses and generate an ‘image’ of the world. This is what we perceive as our ‘reality’. Others experience the world in their own way and as such ‘multiple realities’ are generated. The presence of these ‘multiple realities’ coupled by a lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the presence of multiple realities is the basis of all the conflict in the world. This conflict manifests at individual, family, societal, national and the international level.

To add to our difficulty, the multiple realities, are not just generated within a human domain but much beyond.

Let us look at  a few examples:

1. Humans can hear frequencies mainly between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Other animals have much different ‘spectrums’ of hearing e.g. the dog. Similarly we can ‘see’ within a particular wavelength spectrum whereas other animals may ‘see’ within a different spectrum. This is what I call a PERCEPTION SPECTRUM. It is best to conceptualise these as circles and it is clear that our circle of perception is different to other species, though there is some overlap e.g. as can be seen in a Venn diagram.

Our world is thus quite different to what a ‘dog’ or a ‘bat’ might be perceiving.

2. The world can be divided into two large groups: living and non living.The living can further be divided into animals and plants. We initially thought that plants do not ‘sense’ or perceive. Now we know better. We don’t know how a tree ‘perceives’ the world. We also at present believe that non living objects don’t perceive. Yes they don’t perceive like us but they may have a perception spectrum which at present is beyond our comprehension. As a man of science and spirituality, as a sincere seeker, I would like to keep an open mind. We don’t know what we don’t know.

3. We are looking for ‘life’ in the solar system and beyond. Unfortunately we are constrained by our perception spectrum. We are looking for ‘life’ as we see it.

One might think:  We all know that! Why bother about it?

An understanding, an acknowledgement of multiple realities and PERCEPTION SPECTRUMS has huge practical value:

a) It can improve realtionships among humans, it can make humans more ‘inclusive’ towards other species and the whole world.

b) It can help us explore beyond our view or spectrum of ‘life’. This should be the focus of future scientific endeavour.

c) The realisation of all the perception spectrums, their interplay within the whole of creation and an all encompassing perception spectrum which captures the essence of all that ‘is’ is a state of ENLIGHTENMENT. That is what it says on the destination board of my train! You are on the same train as well, maybe in a different compartment…

Stardust & TIME

In this world of ‘multiple realities’ a semblance of sanity can be provided by classifying the world into ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ categories. It is no surprise that, if we embark on this path, we find that while the ‘relative’ bucket is overflowing there is very little in the ‘absolute bucket’. However, ironically, almost all our life is spent wading through the ‘relative’ bucket.

Some of you might be thinking and rightly so -Is there anything at all in the ‘absolute’ bucket? This is the greatest mystery and perhaps the only real one we ought to solve!

Scientifically, spiritually and metaphysically I would not be far from the truth if I stated that we all (including everything around us) is part of the same star-dust. Everything primarily developed from the same matter and is governed by the same basic laws. This is ‘perhaps, the basic truth that unifies the universe. So far,  so good. But, unfortunately, life isn’t so simple. What complicates and contradicts and contravenes this unifying truth is our ‘relative’ bucket which is full of what we call ‘experiences’. Understanding one’s existence through one’s experiences is tricky business. It can be done and has been done. However, it is very difficult to share or emulate this. You can’t experience someone else’s experience. The best you can do is be a part of it. 

How do we then get out this tangle of ‘relative’ buckets and experiences? The ‘enlightened’ ones find it easy to share this path of revelation with others. But, unfortunately, those who have not reached there yet, find it difficult. They may believe in it, they may pretend that they understand and experience it but the reality is that you ‘don’t get it’ unless you get there. And getting there is quite absolute. Either you get it or you don’t. There isn’t a middle ground.

We have still not answered how best to get out of the tangled mess. I think, from a scientific, spiritual and metaphysical perspective our best bet is TIME. Time is like a connecting corridor between the relative and absolute and we need to understand time to transcend the relative.

TIME is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe. Time, in the way that we use it, was created by us to bring order and clarity to what would otherwise appear like CHAOS. The way we perceive and use time generally, it is not much more than a concept. A concept that is so omnipresent and ubiquitous that we believe in it as if it is the absolute truth. Is it?

We shall explore. It needs to be a steady and patient journey. It’s about TIME! 

Let us start with some examples:

1. It takes about 8 minutes for light from our sun to reach us i.e what we see is the sun about 8 minutes back. Let us presume that from the start of the universe (the big bang or whatever we want to call it) up till now is X years and light would travel a distance of X light years (or a distance Y) during this time. From a scientific perspective an object which is X light years from us would be ‘just at the beginning of the universe’. Theoretically speaking if we had a machine good enough to ‘see’ over such a distance we could see ‘the big bang’ going on now. What that means is that all across the universe, everything from the start up till now, is all happening at the same time. What’s more what will ‘happen in the future’ is also happening right now somewhere.

I did warn you that time is a very ‘relative’ concept!

Are we any wiser? Perhaps. Are we more confused? Definitely. But that is good. Confusion (or lack of clarity) is the fuel that hungry minds like yours and mine have for breakfast.

Let us look at TIME through another example.

2. Traditionally we divide TIME into the past, present and future. The past, as demonstrated in the above example, is in the present. In a strange way, the present is actually in the past. Let me explain how. The ‘present’ comprises what is happening around us and how we perceive and experience it. By the time we see, hear (or experience in any other way) anything in the so called ‘present’ it is already in the past.

We are beginning to understand how poorly we understand TIME and that to me is a good beginning on our path to understand the world.

 We have discussed how relative the past and present are and that it is not easy to define the ‘present’. Understanding and defining the ‘future’ in terms of time is even more tricky.

Let us look at some possibilities.

1. Going back to the ‘big bang light years’ away celestial body if we had a device to watch that body from here and all the way through, we would be watching a scene from whenever ‘time ‘ began all the way to now. In such a situation past, present and future would lose their meaning.

2. Could TIME be a sensation that our consciousness has been programmed to perceive? Like our eyes see colors and our ears hear sounds and our fingers feel textures, could our mind be perceiving time as a sensation? What we perceive is quite relative and as such we perceive time that way as well e.g. when we see a red rose we perceive it in that way because our eyes and brain are programmed to perceive it as red and so on. For a creature with a different set of visual apparatus and brain it may be totally different. This means different entities could perceive the same things as different and maybe perceiving different things to be the same. The same could be happening with time.

3. What if TIME rather than being a programmable perception is actually an ‘event’ or a ‘process’? What’s more, the moment we observe TIME we change it.   We thus have a collage of TIME which has been CREATED by each individual observer and is thus unique to them. This then is our CONSCIOUSNESS.

4. Most of the matter in the universe from the smallest to the biggest is in a form of oscillation or some form of periodic motion. Could ‘life’ be one phase of this oscillation manifest through a physical body and other phases only perceptible through other manifestations or from other vantage points?